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000002626 100__ $$aGutiérrez-Soto, J.
000002626 245__ $$aMultiperiodic Pulsations in the Be Stars NWSer and V1446Aql
000002626 260__ $$c2007
000002626 520__ $$aWe present accurate differential photometry of two Be stars: NWSer and V1446Aql. Both stars show rapid variations in amplitude, probably due to a beating phenomenon. The spectral analysis confirms the presence of two close frequencies. A preliminary instability analysis indicates that l=2 or l=3 g modes are predicted unstable for both stars. In addition, NWSer could be one of the very few ß Cephei and SPB hybrid star. This would be the first unambiguous ground-based detection of photometric multiperiodicity in Be stars which may constitute a proof of the presence of non-radial pulsations (nrp) as the origin of the short-term variability. Further spectroscopic and photometric observations are planned in order to confirm the detected frequencies. 
000002626 700__ $$a Fabregat, J.
000002626 700__ $$a Suso, J.
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000002626 700__ $$a Frémat, Y.
000002626 773__ $$c84$$pActive OB-Stars: Laboratories for Stellare and Circumstellar Physics$$v361$$y2007
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