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Studying the Old Planetary Nebula of V4334 Sgr

Hajduk, M. ; Gesicki, K. ; van Hoof, P. A. M. ; Lopez, J. A. ; Zijlstra, A. A.

published in Hydrogen-Deficient Stars, 391, pp. 163 (2008)

Abstract: We study the old planetary nebula around V4334 Sgr using narrow band optical imaging and spectroscopy in the [O III] 5007 Å emission line and radio observations. The obtained model of the nebula yields an age of 8300 yrs, pre-outburst luminosity of log(L/L?)=2.08 and temperature log(T/K)=4.94. A decrease of the flux by a factor of ?1.5 at 4.8 GHz during the last 11 years cannot be excluded, although this is in contradiction with optical observations.

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