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γ Doradus stars as Eddington targets: a spectroscopic study

Mathias, P. ; Chapellier, E. ; Le Contel, J.-M. ; Jankov, S. ; Sareyan, J.-P. ; Garrido, R. ; Rodriguez, E. ; Poretti, E. ; Alvarez, M. ; Arellano Ferro, A. ; Parrao, L. ; Peña, J. ; Eyer, L. ; Aerts, C. ; De Cat, P. ; Weiss, W. W. ; Zhou, A.

published in Stellar Structure and Habitable Planet Finding, 538, pp. 355-358 (2004)

Abstract: We present here preliminary results of a large spectroscopic survey (more than 50 stars) of γ Doradus candidates. The aim of this study is first to confirm bona fide members of this class of g-pulsators which are still poorly known and second to select candidates for future space mission such as COROt, but also Eddington. We show in particular some unexpected results that cannot be derived from photometry alone, such as ellipsoidal variations and activity.

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