Ref: ASTROimport-641

Stellar Winds of Early-Type Stars

Blomme, R. ; Runacres, M. C.

published in Photometric Mapping with ISOPHOT using the "P32" Astronomical Observation Template, 482, pp. 67 (2002)

Abstract: Previous work on IRAS observations showed inhomogen- eities ("clumping") to be present in the wind of some early- type stars. To study this in more detail, we obtained ISOPHOT data at 60, 90 and 160 m for 1 LBV, 2 B-type stars and 5 Wolf-Rayets. The ISOPHOT data consist of P32 oversampled maps, which show a strong and highly structured background (infrared cirrus) on which the weak signal of the star is super- posed. The data still need to be reduced and corrected for the background before fluxes can be derived.

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