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Comparison Bertween ISO-SWS Observations and Synthetic Spectra of K Giants and M Giants a Boo and ß Peg (Invited Paper)

Decin, L. ; Cohen, M. ; Eriksson, K. ; Gustafsson, B. ; Huygen, E. ; Morris, P. ; Plez, B. ; Sauval, J. ; Vandenbussche, B. ; Waelkens, C.

published in The first ISO workshop on Analytical Spectroscopy, 419, pp. 185 (1997)

Abstract: The accurate flux calibration of SWS requires the observation of spectra of stellar templates (Schaeidt et al., 1996). On the other hand, our knowledge of stellar spectra in the broad spectral domain that ISO has opened for the first time is still incomplete, and must be improved with these same ISO data. Clearly, the final flux calibration of SWS data will result from an iterative process, that should benefit to both our understanding of the instrument and of the atmo- spheres of cool stars. We report on the progress of a project which confronts SWS observations of cool stars with state-of-the-art synthetic spectra. The ISO observations enable us to discriminate between various sources of molecular data and put tight constraints on the atmospheric parameters of the stellar templates. Preliminary results suggest that a 2% relative flux accuracy may be attainable in bands 1 and 2 of the SWS range.

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