Ref: ASTROimport-529

Accurate Two-Colour Photometry and Astrometry for HIPPARCOS Double Stars

Oblak, E. ; Cuypers, J. ; Lampens, P. ; Seggewiss, W. ; Chareton, M. ; Duval, D.

published in Hipparcos - Venice '97, 402, pp. 445-448 (1997)

Abstract: A large number of new astrometric and photometric CCD measurements of intermediate visual binaries (angular separation between one and fifteen arcsec), literature values and Hipparcos data are compared. The claimed mean relative position errors (0.02 arcsec for both the CCD and Hipparcos) are confirmed. For 8 per cent of the systems in the sample we had no Hipparcos solution and in about 6 per cent of the cases the CCD and Hipparcos solutions were too different to be used in the comparison. The dispersion between literature values and CCD results for the joint magnitudes of the systems was 0.03 mag. A comparable dispersion is found only for the Hipparcos data when colour corrections for both components (supplied by the CCD observations) are taken into account. In that case the mean errors on individual components from Hipparcos data are about 0.04 mag for the primaries and 0.08 mag for the secondaries.

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