Ref: ASTROimport-523

Modelling of ISO-SWS spectra of red giants

Decin, L. ; Cohen, M. ; Eriksson, K. ; Gustafsson, B. ; Huygen, E. ; Morris, P. ; Plez, B. ; Sauval, J. ; Vandenbussche, B. ; Waelkens, C.

published in IAU Symposium, 191 (1998)

Abstract: The modelling and interpretation of the ISO-SWS (Infrared Space Observatory - Short Wavelength Spectrometer) data require accurately calibrated spectrometers. In the SWS spectral region (2.38-45.2 microns) the primary standard calibration candles are bright, mostly cool, stars. The better these calibration sources are known in the infrared, the more accurate the spectrometers can be calibrated. Since ISO offers the first opportunity to observe in the infrared with a resolving power of ~1500, our knowledge on stellar sources -and more specifically on stellar atmospheres- is not so refined. A full exploitation of the ISO data will therefore result from an iterative process in which both accurate observations and new modelling are involved. A comparison between the observed SWS spectra and the predicted ones based on the Opacity Sampling spherical models of B. Plez (Plez et al., 1992; 1993) is performed. This reveals not only calibration problems, but also shortcomings in generating the synthetic spectra. Our results will not only contribute to a better calibration of the ISO-SWS data, but also to a better understanding and modelling of the atmosphere of cool giants.

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