Ref: ASTROimport-509

An observational test of tidally induced mixing in a massive binary system

Pavlovski, K. ; Hensberge, H.

published in IAU Joint Discussion, 5 (2000)

Abstract: A detailed study of the double-lined eclipsing binary V578 Mon belonging to the young open cluster NGC 2244 in the Rosette Nebula is undertaken. The physical properties and evolutionary status of the components are derived from the analysis of the new high-precision light curve and high-resolution echelle spectra secured at ESO. The individual spectra of both components are recovered by applying a novel Fourier disentangling technique. These spectra are then analyzed as if it were single star spectra, enabling to derive the temperature spectroscopically and to perform an abundance study for each component separately. The binary consists of two young early-B type stars (14.5 + 10.3 Modot), well inside their critical Roche volume. They move in an eccentric orbit (P = 2.4 d). The position of the primary in the HR diagram is fully consistent with the evolutionary tracks for single stars, but the secondary is slightly overluminous. Possible indications for strong internal mixing in the secondary, due to motions induced by the proximity of the primary, will be discussed in relation with the derived abundances.

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