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000002038 100__ $$aFrémat, Y.
000002038 245__ $$aFundamental parameters of Be stars located in the seismology fields of COROT
000002038 260__ $$c2006
000002038 520__ $$aIn preparation for the COROT space mission, we determined the fundamental parameters (spectral type, temperature, gravity, V sin i) of the Be stars observable by COROT in its seismology fields (64 Be stars). We applied a careful and detailed modeling of the stellar spectra, taking into account the veiling caused by the envelope, as well as the gravitational darkening and stellar flattening due to rapid rotation. Evolutionary tracks for fast rotators were used to derive stellar masses and ages. The derived parameters will be used to select Be stars as secondary targets (i.e. observed for 5 consecutive months) and short-run targets of the COROT mission. Furthermore, we note that the main part of our stellar sample falls in the second half of the main sequence life time, and that in most cases the luminosity class of Be stars is inaccurate in characterizing their evolutionary status. 
000002038 700__ $$a Neiner, C.
000002038 700__ $$a Hubert, A.-M.
000002038 700__ $$a Floquet, M.
000002038 700__ $$a Zorec, J.
000002038 700__ $$a Janot-Pacheco, E.
000002038 700__ $$a Renan de Medeiros, J.
000002038 773__ $$c1053-1063$$i3$$pAstronomy and Astrophysics$$v451$$y2006
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