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000001916 100__ $$aWaelkens, C.
000001916 245__ $$aGeneva photometry of stars in the double cluster H and Chi Persei
000001916 260__ $$c1990
000001916 520__ $$aResults are presented of a campaign of photometric observations of stars in the double cluster h and Chi Persei that spanned eight years. The long-time scale of the data has made it possible to discover that at least half of the brighter stars in h and Chi Persei are variable stars. It appears that most of these variables are Be stars or related objects. Accurate color-magnitude diagrams for the brightest stars of the double cluster show that the reddening is not as uniform as was assumed so far; that the observed parameters of many stars are very much affected by the high rotational velocities, and thus cannot be easily interpreted in terms of physical quantities; and that the reported age and distance differences of both clusters are probably spurious. It is noted that the large intrinsic scatter of the colors and magnitudes of the h and Chi Persei stars casts doubt on the validity of photometric calibrations that rely heavily on observations of the double cluster. 
000001916 700__ $$a Lampens, P.
000001916 700__ $$a Heynderickx, D.
000001916 700__ $$a Cuypers, J.
000001916 700__ $$a Degryse, K.
000001916 700__ $$a Poedts, S.
000001916 700__ $$a Polfliet, R.
000001916 700__ $$a Denoyelle, J.
000001916 700__ $$a van den Abeele, K.
000001916 700__ $$a Rufener, F.
000001916 700__ $$a Smeyers, P.
000001916 773__ $$c11-25$$pAstronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series$$v83$$y1990
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