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000001899 037__ $$aASTROimport-56
000001899 100__ $$aBalona, L. A.
000001899 245__ $$aIntensive photometry of southern Be variables. II - Summer objects
000001899 260__ $$c1992
000001899 520__ $$aResults are presented of photometric campaign on some bright southern Be stars to search for periodic light variations. In order to obtain good phase coverage, many observations were conducted from two sites with different longitudes: ESO and SAAO. A large fraction of early-Be stars are found to be variable with periods close to or equal to their rotational periods. Particular attention is devoted to the late-Be stars. Unlike the hotter members of this class, the late-Be stars do not seem to have detectable periodic light variations except for one or two stars of very small amplitude. 
000001899 700__ $$a Cuypers, J.
000001899 700__ $$a Marang, F.
000001899 773__ $$c533-563$$pAstronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series$$v92$$y1992
000001899 85642 $$ahttp://esoads.eso.org/abs/1992A%26AS...92..533B
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