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Conf. Talk 
Multi-instrument observation of subminute quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares / Dominique, Marie ; Zhukov, Andrei ; et al
Talk presented at SPD, Portland, USA on 2017-08-25 [CTALK-2017-0091]
Conf. Poster 
Retrieval of O and N2 distributions from PROBA2/LYRA occultation data / Dominique, Marie ; Thiemann, Edward
Poster presented at Altius symposium, Brussels on 2017-05-02 [POSTER-2017-0035]
Avoiding the snares in detecting quasi-periodic pulsa0ons (QPPs) in the EUV / Dominique, Marie
Seminar presented at KUL on 2017-03-02 [SEMIN-2017-0029]
Conf. Talk 
Update on quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares / Dominique, Marie ; Zhukov, Andrei ; et al
Talk presented at CHARM meeting, Brussels on 2017-03-10 [CTALK-2017-0089]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Detection of Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar EUV Timeseries / Dominique, Marie ; Zhukov, Andrei ; Dolla, Laurent ; Inglis, Andrew ; et al
published in Solar Physics, 293 issue 4 (2018) 10.1007/s11207-018-1281-x [SCART-2017-0052]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Vertical Thermospheric Density Profiles from EUV Solar Occultations made by PROBA2 LYRA for Solar Cycle 24 / Thiemann, Edward ; Dominique, Marie ; Pilinski, Marcin ; Eparvier, Frank
published in Space Weather (2017) 10.1002/2017SW001719 [SCART-2017-0051]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Modelling Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Solar and Stellar Flares / McLaughlin, James ; Nakariakov, Valery ; Dominique, Marie ; Jelinek, Petr ; et al
published in Space Science Reviews, 214 issue 45 (2018) 10.1007/s11214-018-0478-5 [SCART-2017-0050]
Science Article (Ref.) 
The detection of ultra-relativistic electrons in low Earth orbit / Katsiyannis, Athanassios ; Dominique, Marie ; Pierrard, Viviane ; Lopez Rosson, Graciela ; et al
published in Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, 8 issue A01 10.1051/swsc/2017041 [SCART-2017-0049]
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Science Article 
On-orbit degradation of recent space-based solar instruments and understanding of the degradation processes / Meftah, Mustapha ; Dominique, Marie ; BenMoussa, Ali ; Dammasch, Ingolf ; et al
published in Proceedings of the SPIE, 10196 issue 1019606 (2017) 10.1117/12.2250031 [SCART-2017-0045]
Conf. Talk 
The discovery of an electron current at Earth's McIlwain L=6 / Katsiyannis, Thanassis ; Dominique, Marie ; et al
Talk presented at SDO 2016: Unraveling the Sun's complexity on 2016-10-19 [CTALK-2017-0050]

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