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Science Article (Ref.) 
The VMC Survey -- XL. Three-dimensional structure of the Small Magellanic Cloud as derived from red clump stars / Tatton, B.L. ; van Loon, J.Th. ; Cioni, M.-R.L. ; Bekki, K. ; et al
published in MNRAS, 504, pp. 2983-2997 (2021) [SCART-2022-0016]
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Science Article (Ref.) 
The VMC survey -- XLIII. The spatially resolved star formation history across the Large Magellanic Cloud / Mazzi, A. ; Girardi, L. ; Zaggia, S. ; Pastorelli, G. ; et al
published in MNRAS, 508, pp. 245-266 (2021) [SCART-2021-0140]
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Science Article (Ref.) 
Stellar substructures in the periphery of the Magellanic Clouds with the VISTA Hemisphere Survey from the red clump and other tracers / El Youssoufi, D. ; Cioni, M.-R.L. ; Bell, C.P.M. ; de Grijs, R. ; et al
published in MNRAS issue 505, pp. 2020-2038 (2021) [SCART-2021-0137]
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The VMC survey XXXVIII. Proper motion of the Magellanic Bridge / Schmidt, Th. ; Cioni, M.-R. L. ; Niederhofer, F. ; Bekki, K. ; et al
published in A&A, 641, pp. A134 (2020) [SCART-2020-0193]
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1 Bell, C.
1 Bell, C.P.M.
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