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Science Article (Ref.) 
Seismic constraints from a Mars impact experiment using InSight and Perseverance / Fernando, Benjamin ; Wójcicka, Natalia ; Maguire, Ross ; Stähler, Simon C. ; et al
published in Nature Astronomy, 6, pp. 59-64 (2022) 10.1038/s41550-021-01502-0 [SCART-2023-0124]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Predictions for the Dynamical States of the Didymos System before and after the Planned DART Impact / Richardson, Derek C. ; Agrusa, Harrison F. ; Barbee, Brent ; Bottke, William F. ; et al
published in The Planetary Science Journal, 3 issue 7, pp. 157 (2022) 10.3847/PSJ/ac76c9 [SCART-2023-0122]
Science Article (Ref.) 
The ESA Hera Mission: Detailed Characterization of the DART Impact Outcome and of the Binary Asteroid (65803) Didymos / Michel, Patrick ; Küppers, Michael ; Bagatin, Adriano Campo ; Carry, Benoit ; et al
published in The Planetary Science Journal, 3 issue 7, pp. 160 (2022) 10.3847/PSJ/ac6f52 [SCART-2023-0121]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Spectral Analysis of the Martian Atmospheric Turbulence: InSight Observations / Temel, Orkun ; Senel, Cem Berk ; Spiga, Aymeric ; Murdoch, Naomi ; et al
published in Geophysical Research Letters, 49 issue 15, pp. L3 (2022) 10.1051/0004-6361/202244388 [SCART-2023-0120]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Newly formed craters on Mars located using seismic and acoustic wave data from InSight / Garcia, Raphael F. ; Daubar, Ingrid J. ; Beucler, Éric ; Karatekin, Ozgur ; et al
published in Nature Geoscience, 15, pp. 774-780 (2022) 10.1038/s41561-022-01014-0 [SCART-2023-0119]
Science Article (Ref.) 
After DART: Using the First Full-scale Test of a Kinetic Impactor to Inform a Future Planetary Defense Mission / Statler, Thomas S. ; Raducan, Sabina D. ; Barnouin, Olivier S. ; DeCoster, Mallory E. ; et al
published in The Planetary Science Journal, 3 issue 10, pp. 244 (2022) 10.3847/PSJ/ac94c1 [SCART-2023-0118]
Conf. Poster 
Ice clouds detection with NOMAD-LNO onboard ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter / Ruiz Lozano, Luca ; Karatekin, Özgür ; et al
Poster presented at EGU General Assembly 2021, online on 2021-04-19 [POSTER-2023-0030]
Science Article 
Application of the Wedge-Pentahedra Method (WPM) to the Apollo 17 Landing Site and Comparison to the Traverse Gravimeter Experiment Measurements. / Noeker, Matthias ; Tasev, Elisa ; Ritter, Birgit ; Karatekin, Özgür
published in Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2022), 53rd, pp. 1-2 (2022) [SCART-2023-0081]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Efficient and Accurate Methods for Computing the Gravitational Field of Irregular-Shaped Bodies / Meißenhelter, Hermann ; Noeker, Matthias ; Andert, Tom ; Weller, René ; et al
published in 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference (AERO), pp. 1-17 (2022) 10.1109/AERO53065.2022.9843753 [SCART-2023-0080]
Science Article (Ref.) 
The wedge-pentahedra method (WPM): Topographic reduction of local terrain in the context of solar system surface gravimetry and robotic exploration / Noeker, Matthias ; Karatekin, Özgür
published in Frontiers in Space Technologies, pp. 1-17 (2022) 10.3389/frspt.2022.982873 [SCART-2023-0079]

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