Ref: POSTER-2023-0045

Analysis of two interacting Coronal Mass Ejections through novel Extreme Ultraviolet Imager observations and modelling

Dorsch, Brenda Daniela ; Rodriguez, Luciano ; Magdalenic, Jasmina ; Shukhobodskaia, Daria ; Mierla, Marilena ; Maharana, Anwesha

Poster presented at European Space Weather Week, Toulouse, France on 2023-11-20

Abstract: Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), large-scale solar eruptive events originating from close field regions of the Sun, are the most energetic phenomenon in the heliosphere. These structures, in which vast amounts of plasma and magnetic field are expelled into the interplanetary space, might trigger the most harmful geomagnetic storms at Earth and other undesired space weather effects, both on human and on spacecraft situated in the highly variable environment outside of Earth’s magnetosphere. CMEs have been largely studied in the last several decades, but despite significant advances in our knowledge about them, a lot remains unknown about their internal structure, dynamics, and how they link to their interplanetary counterparts, the Interplanetary CME, or ICMEs. We present a case study of two interacting CMEs and their connection with their interplanetary counterpart, ICMEs. In the study we employ different space-based observations, with a highlight in the novel data from the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI), onboard Solar Orbiter (SolO), and state-of-the-art solar wind and CME models using the 3D MHD heliospheric code EUHFORIA. Since the beginning of its observations, EUI has observed many prominence eruptions in the large field of view (FOV) of its 174 Å and 304 Å telescopes. This allows the generation of a list of CMEs that reached the Earth and from which EUI data is available. Also, the selected CMEs have been observed remotely by more than one viewpoint, at distances close to the Sun, at 1 AU and at Earth, enabling a better understanding of the processes occurring within the CME and at the Sun.

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