Ref: POSTER-2023-0035

Development of EPOS-GNSS data monitoring: webportal and alarms

Bamahry, Fikri ; Bruyninx, Carine ; Bodranghien, Florian ; Legrand, Juliette

Poster presented at BNCGG study day, Brussels on 2022-11-04

Abstract: As a part of the Belgian contribution to the European Plate Observing System (EPOS), the Royal of Belgium (ROB) is developing a new web portal (https://gnssquality-epos.oma.be) and alarms to monitor the availability and quality of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) data that are stored in distributed EPOS data repositories. These data repositories are maintained by EPOS-GNSS data nodes and synchronized to the EPOS-GNSS Data Gateway (DGW) to be accessed by the public via an Application Program Interface (API) and a web portal. ROB’s new web portal visualizes the availability and quality of the daily GNSS data that are discoverable through EPOS. On one hand, it allows users to check the distribution and the availability of the EPOS-GNSS station data by GNSS network, data node, or operational center. On the other hand, the web portal provides plots of several GNSS data quality indicators, such as the number of observed versus expected observations, the number of missing epochs, the number of observed satellites, the maximum number of observations, the number of cycle slips, the Standard Point Positioning (SPP) results, and the multipath values on code observations. The alarms are designed to warn EPOS-GNSS data nodes when the GNSS data expected to show up at their node are not available. They are sent automatically on a weekly and monthly basis. In addition, an alarm prototype is currently developed to automatically detect degraded GNSS data quality indicators and find the root cause of the degradation. This prototype is based on the statistical behavior of GNSS data quality indicators. This poster will present the current development of the web portal, the possible usage of data quality indicator plots for GNSS analysis in geophysical applications, and the preliminary results of the developed alarms.

Keyword(s): EPOS GNSS data quality

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