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000006150 037__ $$aSCART-2023-0076
000006150 100__ $$aNoeker, Matthias
000006150 245__ $$aThe GRASS Gravimeter Rotation Mechanism for ESA Hera Mission On-Board Juventas Deep Space CubeSat
000006150 260__ $$c2022
000006150 520__ $$aThe ESA Hera mission will follow the NASA DART mission to the binary asteroid system Didymos for detailed investigation of the asteroids and the impact crater caused by the DART spacecraft. The Hera spacecraft will release two CubeSats, Milani and Juventas. In the final mission phase, Juventas will at-tempt landing on the secondary, Dimorphos. Here, the GRAvimeter for small Solar System bodies (GRASS) will measure the surface gravity. In this work, we describe the design, fabrication and testing of the gravimeter rotation mechanism with its key components. Overall, a gear-motor rotates the sensor head by means of gear train and continuous electrical contact is ensured by a slip ring. The main design drivers were the harsh deep-space environment, especially the cold operating temperature limit of −30 °C, and the limited mass (0.38 kg) and volume (1 CubeSat unit U = (100mm)³) budgets available inside the 6U-XL-CubeSat. While here the presented mechanism is specific to the GRASS scientific payload, it could be used for other future instrument demanding sensor head rotation or pointing.
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000006150 700__ $$aVan Ransbeeck, Emiel
000006150 700__ $$aRitter, Birgit
000006150 700__ $$aKaratekin, Özgür
000006150 773__ $$c159-172$$pAerospace Mechanisms Symposium$$v46th$$y2022
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000006150 85642 $$ahttps://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/20220006415/downloads/46th_AMS_Proceedings_Final.pdf#page=173
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