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Gaia DR3 documentation Chapter 11: Astrophysical parameters

Ulla, A. ; Creevey, O. L. ; Álvarez, M. A. ; Andrae, R. ; Bailer-Jones, C. A. L. ; Bellas-Velidis, I. ; Brugaletta, E. ; Carballo, R. ; Dafonte, C. ; Delchambre, L. ; Dharmawardena, T. ; Drimmel, R. ; Fouesneau, M. ; Frémat, Y. ; Garabato, D. ; Hatzidimitriou, D. ; Heiter, U. ; Kordopatis, G. ; Korn, A. J. ; Lanzafame, A. ; Lobel, A. ; Manteiga, M. ; Marshall, D. J. ; Pailler, F. ; Pallas-Quintela, L. ; Recio-Blanco, A. ; Rybizki, J. ; Sarro Baro, L. M. ; Schultheis, M. ; Sordo, R. ; Soubiran, C. ; Thévenin, F. ; Vallenari, A.

published in Gaia DR3 documentation, European Space Agency; Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium. (2022)

Abstract: This chapter of the Gaia DR3 documentation describes the processing of the source characterisation in Gaia DR3, based on mean BP/RP and RVS spectra, astrometry, and photometry. Characterisation implies stellar and extragalactic class probabilities, object-type labels, and parametrisations with associated uncertainties (1D data products). Gaia DR3 also includes multi-dimensional data products such as a 2D extinction map and a self-organising map of outliers.

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