Ref: CTALK-2022-0078

A new census for legacy seismological data

Battlo, J. ; De Plaen, R. ; Lecocq, T.

Talk presented at 3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering & Seismology. Bucharest, Romania on 2022-09-08

Abstract: The new ESC Working Group 02-12 “Preservation, valorisation and analysis of seismological legacy data" is carrying on the work achieved by the former ESC Working Group “History of Seismometry”. This transition translated into a new census for legacy seismological data to generate an updated inventory of such data worldwide. This new census now takes the form of an online form of which we present the main elements and preliminary results.

Keyword(s): Legacy seismograms
Funding: B2/191/P1/GEOCAMB

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