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000005687 100__ $$aDelouille, Veronique
000005687 245__ $$aBe FAIR with the Solar Virtual Observatory
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000005687 269__ $$c2021-12-17
000005687 520__ $$aDeveloped in the framework of the H2020 SOLARNET project, the Solar Virtual Observatory (SVO) aims at making solar data more findable and accessible to the solar physics community. The SVO allows searching across multiple datasets as well as across the Heliophysics Event Database (HEK) and lets you search for data that overlaps with events from the HEK. It is conceived so that other event databases may also be linked to the SVO, such as for example for the ROB Event database that is soon to be publicly released. These capabilities will help researchers in discovering and accessing solar datasets from synoptic observations as well as solar data taken during short observation campaigns. At the heart of the SVO lies a database populated with meta-data from datasets taken by space- and ground-based telescopes. It is designed to be easily interoperable with external tools and is accessible through a web interface as well as python and IDL clients.
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000005687 700__ $$aVansintjan, Robbe
000005687 773__ $$tAGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans and online
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