Ref: CTALK-2022-0035

Catalog of Coronal Hole detection in TAP service

Delouille, Veronique ; Benjamin, Mampaey ; Verstringe, Freek

Talk presented at ESCAPE European Data Provider Forum, online on 2021-11-25

Abstract: Coronal holes (CH) are seen as dark features on EUV images of the Sun. They are the source of the fast solar wind, and as such are closely monitored. The CH feature recognition module named SPoCA-CH was developped at the Royal Observatory of Belgium. Since 2010, one version of this software is running at LMSAL and provides near-real time detection of coronal holes. We would like to provide the outputs from an updated version of SPOCA-CH as a catalog for a VESPA TAP service. In this talk, we will discuss our progress, as well as questions regarding the encoding of tracking or provenance information within this TAP service.

Keyword(s): coronal-holes ; Table-Access-Protocol
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Funding: H2020/824064/ESCAPE

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