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000005512 100__ $$aVan Reeth, T.
000005512 245__ $$aRevisiting well-known pulsating F-type stars: the combination of ground-based observations with TESS
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000005512 269__ $$c2021-06-28
000005512 520__ $$aAsteroseismology, the study of the stellar interior via the analysis of stellar pulsations, has proven to be a useful tool to characterize exoplanet-host stars. But while this is relatively straightforward for low-mass stars with solar-like pulsations, massive (F-type) exoplanet-host stars are more difficult to study. Now, the ongoing TESS space mission provides new opportunities to characterize such massive (F-type) stars. We have composed a sample of 20 known, bright, pulsating F-type stars, for which we have years of ground-based multi-colour photometric and high-resolution spectroscopic observations at our disposal. We reanalyse the stars in this sample, by combining the new TESS photometry with the available legacy data. Using the high signal-to-noise ratio of the TESS data and the long timebase of the ground-based observations, we confirm the detection of g-mode pulsations for these stars, reevaluate the measured pulsation frequencies and place constraints on the stellar rotation rates. For the eight stars with most spectroscopic observations, we conduct a proof-of-concept study to constrain possible chromospheric activity, and assess the role of magnetic fields in these stars, which so far has been mostly ignored. The additional information that we gain about the structure of these stars, will serve as input for future detailed stellar modelling.
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000005512 773__ $$tEuropean Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2021
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