Ref: POSTER-2021-0015

GNSS data quality check in the EPN network

Fabian, Andras ; Bruyninx, Carine ; Legrand, Juliette ; Miglio, Anna

Poster presented at EGU, Online on 2020-05-04

Abstract: This work presents the used method of the daily GNSS data quality check in the EPN. It shows and highlights the limitations of the current system and formulates the requirements for the new expert system. Basically the new system will use neutral network for the classification and it will compare the performance of each of the stations on a specific day and will compute the relative size of the degradation. The new system will also use uncertainty to find correlation between the daily data quality, the coordinate time series and the GNSS station metadata. Finally, the system will report the root cause of the degradation to the EPNCB team.

Keyword(s): GNSS data quality
Funding: Upgrade of Belgian federal research infra-structure for EPOS (2018-2022) - EPOS-BE/FSIRI/33/EPI

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