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000004856 100__ $$aLecocq, T.
000004856 245__ $$aSeismometers Worldwide Detect Decrease in Human Activity Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns
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000004856 520__ $$aSeismometers around the world are recording the decreased seismic activity resulting from people staying home amid covid-19 social distancing orders. These detectors measure seismic waves through Earth’s crust, but they also pick up humans moving around, industry, and traffic in the form of higher-frequency noise patterns. Amid stay-at-home orders, Royal Observatory of Belgium geologist and seismologist Thomas Lecocq decided to look at the Royal Observatory’s seismometer and noticed that its noise levels in Brussels looked closer to winter vacation than a work day. Other seismologists have found similar noise reduction in their local seismometers.
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000004856 700__ $$aLecocq, T.
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