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000004854 100__ $$aKatsiyannis, Thanassis
000004854 245__ $$aEUI data exploitation and synergy with other instruments
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000004854 269__ $$c2020-03-13
000004854 520__ $$aThe Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) is one of the larger instruments of the Solar Orbiter (SO) mission. Both the capabilities of this unique imager and the technical limitations imposed by its orbit will be presented. One of the central scientific goals of the Solar Orbiter mission is to advance the 'connection science' of what spaceborne and ground remote sensing instruments observe, to what is measured by in-situ instruments (including those on SO and Parker Solar Probe). In this talk we will also present how recent and upcoming innovations from the jHelioviewer project can help researchers visualise orbits, view perspectives, different field-of-views and connections throughout the inner heliosphere. All those novel additions aim at facilitating the use of EUI data by solar physicists with limited experience on EUV image data, hence achieving the broadest possible use of EUI data by the science community.
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000004854 700__ $$aBerghmans, David
000004854 700__ $$aNicula, Bogdan
000004854 773__ $$tThe near-Sun solar wind at solar minimum, RAS specialist Discussion Meeting, London, UK
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