Ref: SCART-2020-0076

Simulations of solar system observations in alternative theories of gravity.

Hees, A. ; Lamine, B. ; Reynaud, S. ; Jaekel, M.T. ; Le Poncin-Lafitte, C. ; Lainey, V. ; Füzfa, A. ; Courty, J.M. ; Dehant, V. ; Wolf, P.

published in Proc. 13th Marcell Grossmann Meeting on ‘on Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Astrophysics, and Relativistic Field Theories’, July 1-7, 2012, Stockholm, Eds. Rosquist Kjell et al. Publ. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., pp. 2357-2359 (2015)

Keyword(s): general relativity ; space geodesy
DOI: 10.1142/9789814623995_0440
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