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000004803 100__ $$aLobel, Alex
000004803 245__ $$aThe Belgian Repository of Fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra (BRASS)
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000004803 520__ $$aBackground: BRASS (Belgian Repository of Fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra) is an international networking project for the development of a new public database providing accurate fundamental atomic data of vital importance for stellar spectroscopic research. We present an overview of research results obtained in the past four years. Methods: The BRASS database offers atomic line data we thoroughly tested by comparing theoretical and observed stellar spectra. We perform extensive quality assessments of selected atomic input data using advanced radiative transfer spectrum synthesis calculations, which we compare to high-resolution Mercator-HERMES and ESO-VLT-UVES spectra of F-, G-, and K-type benchmark stars observed with very high signal-to-noise ratios. We have retrieved about half a million atomic lines required for our detailed spectrum synthesis calculations from the literature and online databases such as VAMDC, NIST, VALD, CHIANTI, Spectr-W 3 , TIPbase, TOPbase, SpectroWeb. Results: The atomic datasets have been cross-matched based on line electronic configuration information and organized in a new online repository called BRASS. The validated atomic data, combined with the observed and theoretical spectra are also interactively offered in BRASS. The combination of these datasets is a novel approach for its development providing a universal reference for advanced stellar spectroscopic research. Conclusion: We present an overview of the BRASS Data Interface developments allowing online user interaction for the combined spectrum and atomic data display, line identification, atomic data accuracy assessments including line log(gf)-values, and line equivalent width measurements.
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000004803 6531_ $$aquantitative stellar spectroscopy
000004803 6531_ $$aspectral lines
000004803 6531_ $$aatomic line data
000004803 6531_ $$aatomic and spectral databases
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000004803 700__ $$aVan der Swaelmen, Mathieu
000004803 700__ $$avan Hoof, Peter A. M.
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