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000004701 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.3847/1538-3881/ab952c
000004701 037__ $$aSCART-2020-0041
000004701 100__ $$aLabadie-Bartz, J.
000004701 245__ $$aNew Beta Cephei stars with KELT
000004701 260__ $$c2020
000004701 520__ $$aWe present the results of a search for Galactic β Cephei stars, which are massive pulsating stars with both pressure modes and mixed modes. Thus, these stars can serve as benchmarks for seismological studies of the interiors of massive stars. We conducted the search by performing a frequency analysis on the optical light curves of known O- and B-type stars with data from the KELT exoplanet survey. We identify 113 β Cephei stars, of which 86 are new discoveries, which altogether represents a 70% increase in the number presently known. An additional 96 candidates are identified. Among our targets, we find five new eclipsing binaries and 22 stars with equal frequency spacings suggestive of rotational splitting of nonradial pulsation modes. Candidates for runaway stars among our targets and a number of interesting individual objects are discussed. Most of the known and newly discovered β Cephei stars will be observed by the TESS mission, providing by far the most comprehensive observational data set of massive main sequence pulsating stars of sufficient quality for detailed asteroseismic studies. Future analysis of these light curves has the potential to dramatically increase our understanding of the structure of stellar interiors and the physical processes taking place therein.
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000004701 700__ $$aHandler, G.
000004701 700__ $$aPepper, J.
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000004701 700__ $$aLund, M. B.
000004701 700__ $$aStassun, K. G.
000004701 700__ $$aRodriguez, J. E.
000004701 700__ $$aSiverd, R. J.
000004701 700__ $$aJames, D. J.
000004701 700__ $$aKuhn, R. B.
000004701 773__ $$cid.32, 22 pp.$$n1$$pThe Astronomical Journal$$v160$$y2020
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