Ref: POSTER-2020-0020

Exploring dust mass and dust properties of nearby AGB stars

Wiegert, Joachim ; Groenewegen, Martin ; STARLAB, Consortium

Poster presented at IAU Symposium 343, Vienna on 2018-08-20

Abstract: Low and intermediate mass stars evolve to the asymptotic red giant branch (AGB) late in their lives. These are surrounded by a circumstellar envelope (CSE) filled with gas and dust. The dust is formed close to the star at sublimation radii and is pushed away by the stellar wind. The dust in turn pushes gases from the envelope into the interstellar medium, thus enriching it with metals. This poster summary is a general description of the next piece of a larger project, whereas the first half has been published by Nicolaes et al. (2018). We now aim to use radiative transfer simulations to model spectral energy distributions (SED) of dust and fit them to far-infrared observations for the same 40 sources. We will use 2D and 3D simulations and models containing several dust species simultaneously.

Funding: BR/143/A2/STARLAB

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