Ref: SEMIN-2019-0028

EUI on Solar Orbiter

Berghmans, D.

Seminar presented at ROB on 2019-11-27

Abstract: The Solar Orbiter mission will be launched by NASA from Cape Caneveral on February 6. Solar Orbiter is (probably) the most ambitous solar science mission by ESA in our lifetime. Solar Orbiter will travel to the inner heliosphere and observe the Sun from close-by and out of the ecliptic. The scientific payload consists of 6 remote sensing instruments and 4 in-situ instruments. Belgium (BELSPO) is the prime funding agency behind the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) instrument. CSL in Liege coordinated the international consortium consisting of also IAS (France), MSSL (UK), PMOD (Switzerland), MPS (Germany) and ROB. At ROB we will become the Principal Investigator institute from January 1 2020 onwards. This presentation is a general introduction to Solar Orbiter and EUI, with a special focus on the expected data products and science.

Keyword(s): Solar Orbiter ; EUI
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