Ref: SCART-2019-0207

The BRAMS receiving station V2.0

Anciaux, Michel ; Lamy, Hervé ; Martínez Picar, Antonio ; Calders, Stijn ; Calegaro, Antoine ; Ranvier, Sylvain ; Verbeeck, Cis

published in Proceedings of the International Meteor Conference, Bollmansruh, 3-6 October 2019 (2019)

Abstract: BRAMS is a Belgian network using forward scatter radio techniques to detect and study meteoroids entering the Earth’s atmosphere. It consists of 26 identical receiving stations installed all over Belgium and one dedicated transmitter located in the south of Belgium. These receiving stations have been using analog commercial receivers, external sound cards as sampling device, and Spectrum Lab software to acquire the data. Since those receivers are not produced anymore and have suffered from failures due to aging at many different sites, the BRAMS team has decided to develop a new receiving station using a digital receiver, single-board computer, and in-house developed software. In this work, the new system will be presented and its performance will be compared to the performance of the analog system.

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