Ref: CTALK-2019-0121

Repeated gravity measurements across the Rhenish massif

Van Camp, M. ; Hinzen, K.-G. ; Camelbeeck, T. ; Fleischer, C. ; Castelein, S. ; Frederick, B. ; Caudron, C.

Invited talk presented at DFG Rundgespräch „Eifel: Einschätzung der rezenten vulkanischen Aktivität und magmatischen Prozesse on 2019-07-08

Abstract: In continental plate interiors, ground surface movements are at the limit of the noise level and close to or below the accuracy of current geodetic techniques. Absolute gravity measurements are valuable to quantify slow vertical movements, as this instrument is drift free and, unlike GNSS, independent of the terrestrial reference frame. Since 1996, repeated absolute gravity (AG) measurements have been performed in Oostende (Belgian coastline) and at eight stations along a southwest‐northeast profile across the Belgian Ardennes and the Roer Valley Graben (Germany), in order to estimate the tectonic deformation in the area. Since 2011 we have measured absolute gravity at Schalkenmehren and Burg Eltz, in order to monitor possible volcanic activity in the Eifel region. A new station was added at Kruft in 2019 (Laacher see).

Keyword(s): Eifel ; Ardennes ; Gravity measurements
Note: Invited a paid by DFG

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