Ref: CTALK-2019-0071

Space Weather JHelioviewer in a Heterogeneous World

west, Matthew ; Nicula, Bogdan ; Verstringe, Freek ; Bourgoignie, Bram ; Berghmans, David ; Jiggens, Piers ; Mueller, Daniel

Invited talk presented at COSPAR, Pasadena, USA on 2018-07-18

Abstract: The Space Weather JHelioviewer project aims to augment the freely available services of the Helioviewer project with space weather relevant capabilities. As such, it merges the output of several networked software services by combining the display of 1D data (timelines), 2D data (solar images and spectrograms), 3D data (multispacecraft imaging, magnetic field lines mod- elling), solar event detections (e.g., HEK), and space weather alerts. This talk will highlight the experiences gathered while incorporating this system with several diverse datasets and services.

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