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000004011 245__ $$aSWAP Observations of Post Flare Giant Arches & evidence of Run-Away Reconnection
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000004011 269__ $$c2018-04-30
000004011 520__ $$aRecent observations from the SWAP EUV imager onboard PROBA2, AIA on SDO and SXI X-ray observations from the GOES satellite have shown that post-flare giant arches and regular post-flare loops are one and the same thing, with the former being a sub-set of post-flare loops that are able to maintain their growth to great heights over longer periods. However, it is still not clear how certain loop systems are able to sustain this growth to heights that can exceed half a solar radii (> 400000 km). In this presentation we further explore the energy deposition rate in post-flare loop systems, combined with an epoch analysis of the irradiance light curves generated by the initial flare and subsequent decline in emission generated from the post-flare loop systems. 
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