Ref: CTALK-2019-0067

SH23C-3323: Epoch Analysis of Post Flare Loop Systems

West, Matthew ; Palmerio, Erika

Talk presented at AGU Washington DC on 2018-12-11

Abstract: The length of post-flare/eruptive loop systems are intrinsically connected to the underlying magnetic field structure. In this work we present results of an epoch analysis used to compare the signatures of post flare-loops observed during the period when the STEREO satellites were in quadrature with the Sun-Earth line (SDO-AIA-HMI / PROBA2-SWAP). By choosing events that occurred near disc centre from the perspective of Earth, we can see the growth in profile from the perspective of STEREO EUVI, whilst obtaining magnetic field information from HMI. In this work we present correlations between the different phases of the loop growth, together with magnetic complexity, loop growth (height/speed) and flare magnitude.

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