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000003969 100__ $$aLaverick, M.
000003969 245__ $$aThe Belgian Repository of Fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra: An Insight into Systematic Line Selection
000003969 260__ $$c2018
000003969 520__ $$aThe Belgian Repository of fundamental Atomic data and Stellar Spectra (BRASS) is an international research project that aims to constrain systematic atomic data input errors from stellar spectroscopy. BRASS is critically and systematically evaluating the available atomic data for ̃1000 deep and clean atomic lines in the optical wavelength regime for B, A, F, G, and K spectral types. The atomic data are synthesized using state-of-the-art radiative transfer calculations, and compared against extremely high-quality benchmark spectra observed with the Mercator- HERMES and ESO-VLT-UVES spectrographs. All quality assessments, retrieved atomic data, and theoretical and observed stellar spectra will be made publicly available in a new interactive online database under development at <a href='brass.sdf.org'>brass.sdf.org</a>. To perform this task as accurately and thoroughly as possible, it is vital to adopt a systematic approach for selecting and assessing atomic lines. We present a brief discussion of our ongoing work to systematically select atomic lines read for the atomic data quality assessments.
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000003969 773__ $$c263$$pASP Conference Series$$v515$$y2018
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