Ref: POSTER-2019-0037

Revenge of the theory of figures: can it compete with concentric Maclaurin spheroids?

Trinh, Antony ; Rekier, Jeremy ; Beuthe, Mikael

Poster presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Washington D.C. on 2018-12-13

Abstract: The classical theory of figures (ToF) describes the shape and gravity field of steadily rotating stars/planets and synchronously rotating moons, assuming hydrostatic equilibrium, or more generally allowing some internal differential rotation. ToF is a perturbative method based on series expansions in powers of (a parameter related to) the flattening, and converges slowly for fast-rotating bodies like Jupiter. We present here a straightforward and systematic derivation of ToF to any order based on the freely available tensor calculus package TenGSHui, and demonstrate at least seventh-order ToF for a polytropic interior model of Jupiter. By sharing our code, we hope to provide the community with an accessible introduction to ToF and a benchmarking option for alternative methods.

Note: AGU poster reference: P43D-3801
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Funding: PRODEX/4000120791/PlanetInterior

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