Ref: DATASET-2019-0009

ROB's operational real-time GNSS-based tropospheric delay estimates

Pottiaux, Eric

Dataset released under the open data policy

Abstract: Database of 30-second sampled real-time estimations of tropospheric delay (ZTD and GRD) in ASCII and TropoSINEX format from about 185 GNSS stations, using various real-time orbit and clock products for the real-time monitoring of the troposphere and nowcasting applications.

Keyword(s): GNSS ; Troposhere ; ZPD ; Gradients ; COST Action ES1206 ; GNSS4SWEC ; Demonstration campaign ; IAG WG 4.3.7
Note: The database is continuously and operationally filled, starting from July 2014 until now.
DOI: 10.24414/w4ny-1e16

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