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000003666 100__ $$aO'Hara, J.
000003666 245__ $$aExceptional Extended Field of View Observations by SWAP on 1st and 3 April 2017
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000003666 520__ $$aOn the 1st and 3rd April 2017 two large solar eruptions, which were associated with an M4.4 and an M5.8 class flare, respectively, were observed on the solar western limb with the Sun Watcher with Active Pixels and Image Processing (SWAP) EUV solar telescope on board the Project for On Board Autonomy 2 (PROBA2) spacecraft. The large field-of-view of SWAP, with the exceptional addition of the satellite being in a favorable off-pointed position to view the events, allow us to study the eruptions up to approximately 2 solar radii (${R}_{s}$), where space-based coronograph observations begin. SWAP observations reveal off-limb erupting features as well as on disk EUV waves initiated by these eruptions. Using this unique set of observations, the evolution of these two events is tracked and the propagating speeds of both the eruptions and the on-disk EUV waves are calculated.
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000003666 700__ $$aPodladchikova, O.
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