Ref: CTALK-2018-0096

Space-grade 3Kx3K Backside Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor for EUV Observation of the Sun

Gissot, S. ; Giordanengo, B. ; BenMoussa, A. ; Meynants, G. ; Koch, M. ; Schühle, U. ; Gottwald, A. ; Laubis, C. ; Kroth, U. ; Scholtze, F.

Talk presented at Ultra-Violet Detectors and Instruments Workshop - Toulouse, France on 2018-11-28

Abstract: In this paper we present APSOLUTE2 (APSOLUTE for APS Optimized for Low-noise and Ultraviolet Tests and Experiments), the flight model image sensors of the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI), a 3-telescope instrument onboard the Solar Orbiter ESA mission expected to be launched in 2020. APSOLUTE2 detectors are back-thinned backside illuminated 10um-pitch 3Kx3K CMOS image sensor made in 0.18 μm CMOS process with SOI material and designed specifically for EUV observation of the Sun. We present the results characterization measurements performed with qualification and flight models (QMs/FMs), and during the final end-to-end EUI ground calibration that occurred in April 2017. The APSOLUTE2 image sensor is the first scientific backside illuminated APS CMOS Image-Sensors for EUV observation in space.

Keyword(s): Ultra-Violet ; Detector ; Imager ; CMOS ; EUI ; Solar Orbiter ; Instrument ; Sun

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