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000003621 100__ $$aDecraemer, Bieke
000003621 245__ $$aStreamer wave events observed with STEREO/COR2
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000003621 269__ $$c2018-09-05
000003621 520__ $$aRecently, transverse waves were observed in helmet streamers, typically after the passage of a coronal mass ejection (CME). The CME-driven shock wave moved the streamer sideways, and a decaying oscillation of the streamer was observed after the CME passage. All the previous works reported observations of streamer oscillations taken from a single vantage point (typically the SOHO spacecraft). We conduct a data survey searching for streamer wave events observed by the COR2 coronagraph onboard the STEREO spacecraft. For the first time, we can observe streamer wave events from multiple vantage points, by using the COR2 instrument on both STEREO A and B. We investigate the characteristics of streamer waves by comparing the different events and performing a statistical analysis. Common observational features give us insight on the physical nature of streamer wave events. 
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