Ref: CTALK-2018-0061

New Capabilities of the Humain Radio-Astronomy Station

Martínez Picar, Antonio ; Marqué, Christophe ; Magdalenić, Jasmina

Talk presented at 17th RHESSI Workshop, Dublin, Ireland on 2018-06-22

Abstract: Since 2008, the Humain Radio Astronomy Station in Belgium has been observing on a daily basis the radio emission from the Sun. With the support of the Solar Terrestrial Center of Excellence, the observing capabilities have been extended from a single radio spectrograph to currently three instruments providing dynamic spectra observations between 45 and 1495 MHz. The team in charge of the radio observations is actively setting up two new instruments expanding further out the frequency range from ~20 to 5000 MHz. By the end of 2018, dynamic spectra up to ~1.5 GHz and flux measurements above 1 GHz will be provided to the community on a daily basis. We give here an outline of the different instruments in operation and in development and discuss their use for the solar and space weather community.

Keyword(s): SPADE ; SAFIRE ; Humain Radio-Astronomy Station ; HuRAS
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