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000003525 100__ $$aFrankinet, B.
000003525 245__ $$aSeismic Noise Characterization in Belgium: noise level maps and hurricane tracking capability
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000003525 269__ $$c2018-04-09
000003525 520__ $$aIn this study, we present the spatial and temporal variations of seismic noise  levels for different frequencies(anthropogenic, primary and secondary microseism) in Belgium. We quantify the noise field far away from its sources and observe the  geographical variation of microseisms through Belgium. Following the methodology of M. Möllhoff et al., 2016, we calculate seismic power spectral densities and power density functions from 2016 and 2017 microseism data measured in Belgium in order to obtain frequency dependent  statistics of the noise field. We present a new Belgium  Low-Noise  Model (BLNM) and Belgium High-Noise  Model (BHNM) that will be useful for future  seismometers  implementation  in  Belgium and to improve the detectability by the national network. We specifically investigate the geographical variation of microseims measurements produced by Hurricane Ophelia during October 2017 (9 October – 20 October 2017) and track its progression in the North Atlantic Ocean. A specific focus is the Membach underground laboratory and station, host of  multiple seismometers  and gravimeters, where large-n ambient seismic  noise-based experiments will take place in 2018 (Brain.be project LARGE-MEM).
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000003525 700__ $$aLecocq, T.
000003525 700__ $$aCamelbeeck, T.
000003525 773__ $$tEuropean General Assembly (EGU), Vienna, Austria
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