Ref: DATASET-2018-0003

SWAP Carrington Rotation Files

West, Matthew ; Stegen, Koen ; Nicula, Bogdan ; D'Huys, Elke ; Berghmans, David ; Seaton, Daniel ; Dominique, Marie ; Bonte, Katrien ; Ohara, Jennifer ; Wauters, Laurence

Dataset released under the open data policy

Abstract: The PROBA2 team is proud to present fully automated and daily updated Carrington rotation movies. A Carrington Rotation is a period of time chosen to represent one rotation of the Sun, allowing the comparison of features such as sunspot groups or active regions. A period of 27.28 days was chosen to represent a single rotation that largely resembles the recurrence time of features near the equator. Each movie has a cadence of roughly 40 minutes, and each image is comprised of a median stacked set of smoothed SWAP images. By managing the images in this we're able to enhance the signal in the solar corona. The solar corona (the outer solar atmosphere) is seen as the ethereal region of the image surrounding the solar disk. During periods of high acitivty this region can be extremely dynamic showing complicated magnetic structures, as can be seen in the image below.

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