Ref: POSTER-2018-0034

Further Exploration Of Post-Flare Giant Arches

West, Matthew ; Seaton, Daniel ; Dennis, Brian ; Feng, Li ; Palmerio, Erika

Poster presented at IAU symposium: Space Weather of the Heliosphere, Exeter, UK on 2017-07-18

Abstract: Recent observations from the SWAP EUV imager on-board PROBA2 and SXI X-ray observations from the GOES satellite have shown that post-flare giant arches and regular post-flare loops are one and the same thing. However, it is still not clear how certain loop systems are able to sustain prolonged growth to heights of approximately 400000 km (>0.5 solar-radii). In this presentation we further explore the energy deposition rate above post-flare loop systems through high-energy RHESSI observations. We also explore the difference between the loop systems through a multi-wavelength epoch analysis.

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