Ref: CTALK-2018-0024

Synergies between spectroscopic and time-series photometric surveys - LAMOST observations for the Kepler field and K2 fields

Fu, Jianning ; De Cat, Peter ; Smith, Martin

Invited talk presented at American Astronomical Society Meeting 229 on 2017-01-06

Abstract: Synergies between spectroscopic and time-series photometric surveys can provide valuable information for studies in Galactic archaeology. The Kepler satellite has provided unprecedented high duty-cycle, high-precision time-series photometric observations for a large number of stars. After a continuous monitoring of the Kepler field for 4 years, it started to observe K2 fields, which include multiple stellar populations, for about 80 days each. These observed fields are all good targets for Galactic archaeology, provided that spectroscopic observations can be made for hundreds of thousands of stars within these fields in a homogeneous way.In 2010, we initiated the LAMOST-Kepler project with the aim to collect low-resolution spectra for as many objects from the KIC10 catalogue as possible with the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST). This is a 4-m telescope equipped with 4,000 optical fibers covering a circular field of view with a diameter of 5 degrees on the sky. The observations since 2012 have resulted in 150,567 low-resolution spectra with the Signal-Noise-Ratio in r larger than 20. The stellar atmospheric parameters were derived and calibrated with the values determined from either high-resolution spectroscopy or asteroseismology. Since the end of 2015, five K2 fields have been observed with LAMOST and the qualified spectra were used to derive the stellar atmospheric parameters for 59,213 stars.In this presentation we introduce the LAMOST-Kepler project, whose data have a great potential for Galactic archaeology. It includes an update on the progress and a summary of the existing scientific works based on the data provided by this project.

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