Ref: CTALK-2017-0102

Using a small phased array for meteor observations

Martínez Picar, Antonio ; Marqué, Christophe

Talk presented at International Meteor Conference 2017 - Petnica, Serbia on 2017-09-22

Abstract: A prototype of a phased array of 8 elements is being built at the Humain Radio-Astronomy Station by the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The main goal of this instrument is monitoring the solar activity in the band of 20–80 MHz using Software De ned Radio receivers and employing beam- forming techniques to track the Sun. However, because the operation frequency of the BRAMS forward-scatter system lies within the frequency range of such an array, an appealing window of opportunity opens for meteor science as well. In this paper we explore the possibility of using the expected capabilities of the Small Phased Array Demonstrator to register radio meteor echoes.

Keyword(s): meteors ; radio echo ; phase array
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