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000003107 245__ $$aInvestigating Coronal Fans, Numerical and Observational Study of Stealth CMEs
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000003107 520__ $$aThe high resolution of the instruments onboard recent missions contributed to the discovery of new solar structures, including coronal fans. Coronal fans are structures of large dimensions on the Sun, that have a long life duration (up to a few Carrington rotations) and which are usually situated at the boundary between open and closed field lines regions. I identified these fans, observed in the EUV images taken by SWAP onboard PROBA2. I presented the analysis using SWAP movies, each covering the entire period of a Carrington rotation. For this purpose, I also analysed images taken by AIA and HMI onboard SDO, as well as Hα images available from ground-based observatories. Using solar soft routines, under the programming language IDL, I identified the footpoints of these fans, and their location has been over-plotted on the images used. Thus I correlated for each fan structure a corresponding Sun structure (such as an active region, a filament or a coronal hole). Also, I have analysed the structure of the magnetic field lines as it is inferred by the PFSS model, in order to correlate them with magnetic field configuration from the separatrix surfaces. Finally, I briefly presented an overview of my future PhD research.
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