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000003054 100__ $$aDissauer, K
000003054 245__ $$aProjection Effects in Coronal Dimmings and Associated EUV Wave Event
000003054 260__ $$c2016
000003054 520__ $$aWe investigate the high-speed (v > 1000 km s-1) extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) wave associated with an X1.2 flare and coronal mass ejection (CME) from NOAA active region 11283 on 2011 September 6 (SOL2011-09-06T22:12). This EUV wave features peculiar on-disk signatures in particular, we observe an intermittent “disappearance” of the front for 120 s in Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)/AIA 171, 193, 211 Å data, whereas the 335 Å filter, sensitive to hotter plasmas (T ˜ 2.5 MK), shows a continuous evolution of the wave front. The eruption was also accompanied by localized coronal dimming regions. We exploit the multi-point quadrature position of SDO and STEREO-A, to make a thorough analysis of the EUV wave evolution, with respect to its kinematics and amplitude evolution and reconstruct the SDO line-of-sight (LOS) direction of the identified coronal dimming regions in STEREO-A. We show that the observed intensities of the dimming regions in SDO/AIA depend on the structures that are lying along their LOS and are the combination of their individual intensities, e.g., the expanding CME body, the enhanced EUV wave, and the CME front. In this context, we conclude that the intermittent disappearance of the EUV wave in the AIA 171, 193, and 211 Å filters, which are channels sensitive to plasma with temperatures below ˜2 MK is also caused by such LOS integration effects. These observations clearly demonstrate that single-view image data provide us with limited insight to correctly interpret coronal features.
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000003054 6531_ $$aSun: activity, Sun: corona, Sun: coronal mass ejections: CMEs, Sun: flares
000003054 700__ $$aTemmer, M
000003054 700__ $$aVeronig, A. M
000003054 700__ $$aVanninathan, K
000003054 700__ $$aMagdalenic, J
000003054 773__ $$n2$$pThe Astrophysical Journal$$v830$$y2016
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