Ref: ASTROimport-1063

Division I / Working Group Astrometry by Small Ground-Based Telescopes

Thuillot, W. ; Stavinschi, M. ; Andrei, A. H. ; Arlot, J.-E. ; Assafin, M. ; Bazey, N. ; Gontcharov, G. A. ; Gumerov, R. ; Wenjing, J. ; Haro, J. L. M. ; Niarchos, P. ; Osório, J. P. ; Pascu, D. ; Pauwels, T. ; Pinigin, G. I. ; Prostyuk, Y. ; Pugliano, A. ; Rafferty, T. J. ; Russell, J. L. ; Rylkov, V. V. ; Sanchez, M. L. ; Shulga, A. A. ; Souchay, J. ; Tang, Z. ; Teixeira, R. ; Upgren, A. R. ; van Altena, W. F. ; Martins, R. V. ; Zacharias, N.

published in Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Series A, 27, pp. 63-67 (2009)

Abstract: At the IAU XXVI General Assembly in 2006, the Division I decided to create the Working Group on Astrometry by Small Ground-Based Telescopes (WG-ASGBT). Its scientific goals are to foster the follow-up of small bodies detected by the large surveys including the NEOs; to set-up a dedicated observation network for the follow-up of objects which will be detected by Gaia; to contribute to the observation campaigns of the mutual events of natural satellites, stellar occultations, and binary asteroids; and to encourage teaching astrometry for the next generation. The present report gives the main activities carried out in these areas with small telescopes (diameter less than 2m).

DOI: 10.1017/S1743921308025313
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